A Year in the South Chilterns

The purpose of this blog is to show how the beautiful area of the Chilterns where I live changes week by week. As far as possible I will identify where the photos are taken so you too can find some of the best South Chiltern landscapes, viewpoints, picnic spots and places to base a walk around. I'll also share some of my favourite places to see native flowers of the area, such as snowdrops and bluebells, and to enjoy the glories of Chiltern beech woods. I hope you will enjoy my photographs whether you want to find and visit these special places or because they evoke memories of an area where you no-longer live or for other reasons can only enjoy from your armchair.

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Vibrant new leaves


New leaves unfurl in this headlong rush into spring

Inkpen crocus field


Thousands of wild purple crocus in a protected field in the little village of Inkpen

Early spring light


The coming of spring brings a new quality to the light

splashes of gold lighting up the countryside


The golden tassels of hazel catkins suddenly seem to be everywhere and look lovely in the early spring sun.

My annual pilgrimage to St Botolph's


One of the best local displays of snowdrops can be found in the churchyard of St Botolph's in Swyncombe

Snowdrops - a promise of Spring


The first snowdrops lift the spirit with the anticipation of the Spring to come

The beauty of a hoar frost


The dried flower heads of hedge parsley look beautiful bejewelled with ice crystals

Cold clear days and vibrant sunsets


A run of cold frosty days has come with a number of striking sunsets

The beauty of beech trees


At this time of year I really like the skeletal structure of beech trees and the patterns branches can make against the sky.

Misty sunset at Clifton Hampden


December is a great month for photographing sunsets

Misty morning in Busgrove Wood


Beech woods have a magical quality on a misty morning

Sonning as the sun goes down


I visited the same stretch of the Thames both in the early morning and late afternoon

River Reflections


On a crisp still morning the river was like glass.

The Golden Hour


Late afternoon sun setting the tops of the trees ablaze by the Thames near Sonning

Autumn's last hurrah


At Warburg Nature Reserve the mixed planting results in a glorious autumn of yellows and golds

Autumn ablaze with orange


The final stages of Autumn, when the leaves have turned to orange and caramel is the best time in the beech woods.

Autumn comes to Stoke Row


One of the loveliest places in Autumn is the approach to Stoke Row from Highmoor

Autumn mists


Beech woods look magical on a misty morning in Autumn

Autumn hues


Coppery bracken and silver birch

Ewelme Cloisters autumn display


The beautifully kept garden in the cloisters adjoining Ewelme Church packs a punch

More signs of Autumn on the way


Harcourt Arboretum, part of Oxford University, is one of my favourite places to take photographs in Autumn

Magnificent mushrooms!


Autumn is the best time to spot and photograph mushrooms and fungi.

Tinges of Autumn


Walking a stretch of the Chiltern Way this weekend I noticed the first signs that Autumn is on the way.

Asters at Waterperry Gardens


Now is the best time to see the wonderful displays of asters at Waterperry

Enjoying the wide open spaces


The section of the Chiltern Way from Northend to Ibstone crosses a lovely valley

Red Kite over Swyncombe Downs


The Ewelme Loop of the Chiltern Way is a lovely walk to do in summer

Summer skies and golden crop fields


The crops, ripe and ready to harvest, are a beautiful golden brown

Hedge Parsley and Crop Fields


At this time of year I like the combination of the golden glow of fields of crops with the structure of hedge parsley and hogweed

Sunset from Stonor Park


There have been some lovely summer sunsets this month

A field of barley ruffled by the breeze can be a beautiful sight


At this time of year many of my local walks involve skirting round or wading through crop fields

It's poppy time!


A whole field of red poppies is hard to find nowadays but they can still be found at field edges

Cobstone Mill, Turville


Cobstone Mill overlooks the little village of Turville and is a well known feature in the South Chilterns because it was used in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Foxgloves near Berins Hill, Stoke Row


The best displays of foxgloves are to be found in woodland clearings

Ox-eye daisies on Maidensgrove Common


Maidensgrove Common is lovely at any time of the year but particularly so when the ox-eye daisies are out

The delicate white heads of cow parsley shine out in the evening light


In late May and early June I particularly enjoy walking the lanes that radiate out from Stoke Row. The sides of these lanes are festooned with frothy white cow parsley and the heads of the flowers glow white in the evening light.

Grey's Court wisteria


After the joys of bluebell woods have faded the next not-to-be-missed highlight is the magnificent wisteria at Grey's Court

The fresh lime greens of new beech leaves


I love the colour of new beech leaves especially in the light after a rain shower

Bluebells and new beech leaves - a fitting place to start


Bluebells are characteristic of the Chilterns, a high spot of the year and a fitting place to start my blog, 'A Year in the South Chilterns'