A Year in the South Chilterns

Cold clear days and vibrant sunsets

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A run of cold frosty days has come with a number of striking sunsets. On such a day I headed to one of my favourite river-side spots to catch a sunset. Parking at the little village of Remenham, just down river from Henley, I walked along the Thames path back towards Henley. There is a spot by the river where tall grasses line the riverbank and the grebes dive down for fish, popping up again a few moments later. It was cold and serene with the peeping call of moorhens and the lapping of the water when a solitary boat went past. Here I knew the sun would be setting directly in front of me and I could position myself so it was in a line with a gap between two clumps of grasses. I hurried to set up my tripod before the sun disappeared behind the far treeline.