A Year in the South Chilterns

Misty sunset at Clifton Hampden

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December is a great month for photographing sunsets. Firstly, the sun sets at a more socially acceptable time - I'm not supposed to be at home making tea for my family - and secondly it is often accompanied by mist or fog which diffuses the lovely pinks and mauves. On this day I'd enjoyed a walk from Clifton Hampden to the Wittenham Clumps and then back in time to catch the sunset. Although there were no clouds to create extra drama the muted colours were beautiful and there was just a little movement in the water from various waterfowl to ruffle the reflections. I had to wait a long time for the pair of swans to swim into the right place in the background! It was very cold and still - the end of a frosty day and my feet were like ice blocks but it was worth it as the best colour in the sky was 30 minutes after sunset.